Grapple: an android game where you swing on a rope

Decided to upload an early version of Grapple for those that would like to try it. So far it has been testing on android JellyBean and IceCream Sandwich on two different phones. I haven't done much testing yet so I apologize if there are bugs for your device/version. Please do leave comments here, on reddit or on g+ if you try. Let me know what levels got you stuck or what levels weren't fun.

Known bugs:
-Grapple can misfire when pressing the drag button before fully releasing the tap to aim the grapple.
-Slow Mo when holding in before releasing a grapple will reduce velocity over time.
- Sometimes a level will start with the grapple already attached
- swinging hard into rock will often cause the ball to stick there (releasing the grapple or pulling yourself will unstick you).

This version is far from finished and not completely playable, the tutorial overlay is a 10 minute thing to be able to release this version and there are only 12 levels so far. Have fun. 

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