Voxel Tutorial

This is my voxel tutorial for Unity in C#, it’s gotten quite popular through the Unity Forums and a lot of people have achieved impressive results. Voxel terrain is really amazing and a blast to work with so I’ve been experimenting with it a lot. This tutorial is that experimentation condensed into a simplified version that covers the essentials of generating meshes on the fly and rendering blocks efficiently. It’s not made to go straight from the finished tutorial to a game but by the end you should be able to understand how to make voxel terrain.
In the tutorial we start by making quads, expanding to tile-based 2d with real time destruction and building. This can be very helpful for developers planning to build sidescrollers with destructible terrain or tile based games. After that we move on to the 3d aspect using the techniques we covered in the first section also covering optimization tricks and using chunks to keep the meshes smaller for faster updates.
There are eight parts but it shouldn’t take all that long, one a day would probably be a comfortable pace.
Also view all the parts in the drop down menu from the header above.


  1. Hello, I am new to programming and i want to create a voxel game like minecraft but polygonal can u please help me out, how to install ur voxel plugin and use it please? I have always dreamt of making a game like this please help me!?

    1. If you're new to programming you should first study a programming language like C, C#, Java and then try to program something in Unity like a simple game
      The tutorial that Alexandros made aren't for a plugin; you have to understand what he does and not to start without any knowledge

    2. In you want to learn Unity and have no experience with coding or programming, you should go to the Unity site and select the "Learn" section where they not only have great tutorials on how to use Unity, but the very basics of C# as well.