Unity Voxels: water experiments

I've tried water so many times when working with voxels and I've always had trouble making a semi realistic simulation that runs at an acceptable speed. I've been having a go at it now, creating finite water simulation and it's performing quite well.

Stable water in a 1 block deep puddle
Water running down the hillside
Still very much a prototype but water height is based on the amount in the block.
So this probably won't make it into the tutorial, it's a little complicated to explain and water I think is best implemented on a case by case basis but I really recommend trying it out, it's a lot of fun!

Meanwhile I've also been adding chunk loading and unloading around the player to let the game run larger maps without lag so that will probably be in the next part I release, then I'm thinking lighting or spending a little more time generating the terrain and additions like structures being generated.


  1. Really enjoyed your tutorial series! Keep them coming :)

  2. You gotta make a tutorial series on water! I really enjoyed your other tutorials on voxel terrain and would like a few hints at getting started with voxel water. Thanks again!