Ambient occlusion for better visibility

I added some fake ambient occlusion to try and remedy the visibility problems I've been noticing in areas of busy terrain. It's not real ambient occlusion but a post processing effect on the screen image. This is a premade script that I'm trying out, I don't have any experience with image effects.

Also in this shot I've changed the terrain generation to avoid adding dirt and grass to steep slopes so there are more mountain faces and less of a blanket of grass over everything.

Also the normal shadows are disabled here so everything is fully lit with just the AO adding shading in the corners. If I added shading to block faces based on direction it would be quite similar to minecraft and other voxel games' lighting. That may be an option for a lower graphics mode or for mobile if that becomes an option.

It helps discern where one block ends and a block on a lower level begins quite well. I'm satisfied with how terrain looks for now so I'll probably start moving on to gameplay code and AI soon.

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