Not Voxel Dwarf Game

I've been busy with assignments lately so I haven't been able to dedicate so much time to my own project but this blog is called Student Game Dev after all. Lucky for me the assignments I've been working on are actually relevant, me and two friends are making an island management /resource management game for kids where they control the production of an island and trade with their neighbors.

The islands are procedurally generated of course.

The best part is that just a few hours work to make this island and I can apply the code as many times as I want. If I add some random variations to things like beach size, mountain likeliness and island noise I could get some very varied outcomes.

Anyway I'll be back to work on the voxel dwarf game soon and with any luck some of the trade and resource management elements of the island game will be useful to the dwarves.


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  1. Can you share the code for island generation, please?