This is the game a friend and I made for game jam 2013, it's a little late (3 months or so) but I forgot about it entirely in the 12 straight hours of sleep after the two days of programming. We were given a theme that was the sound of a beating heart so naturally we made a game where you steal people's hearts and transplant them while sneaking around the hospital.

Since I had written some stealth code before I figured I was up for the challenge of writing new pathfinding and detection code in 48 hours. In the end what I managed to do in 48 hours was much better than what I had written previously probably because of the experience I gained from the last time I tried it.

In this picture the player (A black cylinder) hides from a guard (A black cylinder with a field of view cone) behind a column, he has the heart in his briefcase.
The game is pretty buggy and incomplete, there are no character models. There are three levels, essentially you find the patient with the heart, put it in your briefcase  make your way to your patient and win the level. On your way you'll have to hide from guards by staying in the shadows and/or out of their field of vision and with the heart in your briefcase you'll have to stop by other patients to fill up with blood so the heart keeps pumping. There are also blood packs available that fill you half way up with blood as soon as you run out and adrenaline shots that let you move faster for 10 seconds.

Also you can save and load from last save in the pause menu (esc) this is useful for trying things and not starting over from the beginning.

You can play it here.

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